Whitecliff- I am sure you know how frustrating it is to drive along Whitecliff Road and into Poole Park. There is total congestion of parking, eliminating parents etc being able to park for access to the play area in Whitecliff, the state of the road is deplorable and it is deteriorating further. My granddaughter told me it’s like riding a rollercoaster along the road! We have contacted Parkstone councillors and await next steps for improvement

Furnell Road

Furnell Road- You may know the location of Furnell Road-it’s the road connecting to Labrador Drive at Baiter Park. Did you know there are NO pedestrian crossings from Baiter Park? It’s a pedestrian island and at the bottom of Furnell Road, one has to look in four directions before crossing. Apart from being a four-faced god (Janus- actually he was only two) it can be an absolute nightmare to cross there, particularly for elderly and young children. Add into the mix events nights etc at the quay and one can almost take their life in their hands attempting to cross. I’ve badgered Transportation department at BCP and to his credit Cllr Hadley met me to evaluate the situation -he agreed that something must be done and one suggestion from the council for a mini-roundabout is absolutely no help whatsoever -it’s designed for motorists -not pedestrians. Luckily Cllr Hadley agreed with me…so we move to the next stage for a resolution asap!

Road Surfaces

We have expressed concerns to the council at the appalling state of the road between Poole Park gates, to the narrow railway tunnel and beyond. I am sure you have all ‘experienced’ the condition of the road surface. It is rapidly becoming a safety hazard for all users of the road, especially cyclists

Poole Park Car Restriction Trial

This is something that has been trialled throughout July viz: Closure of part of Poole Park to traffic Mon-Fri inclusive 4pm-6pm and extending opening during the morning from 10am to 9am. I understand the reason behind this is to stop traffic from using the park as a short cut and also to allow people to enjoy the tranquillity of the park and its facilities. The council wishes to receive views on this trial. There are forms you can complete at The Ark but you can also offer responses on-line- and also proposals for the Poole Park Life Heritage Lottery Fund Bid at However, responses have to be received by 06 August 2016

I have been contacted by residents from Baiter and also along Parkstone Road who have reacted negatively to the trial as they have been extremely concerned at the delay in travelling from Newfoundland Drive roundabout towards the Civic Centre. I have personally monitored the traffic flow on a regular basis and the roundabout at the top of Seldown Road has been gridlocked. One irate resident informed me it had taken 25 minutes to travel from Newfoundland Drive to Ashley Cross.


Cycle Pathway

You may have noticed that a new cycle/pedestrian pathway has been created from Newfoundland Drive linking to the promenade between Baiter Park and Whitecliff (joining at the sluice gates). The cost of this venture has been around £60,000. I have walked this stretch of the pathway and whilst I personally do not have a problem with its installation, I still cannot understand why it was not installed closer to the railway line, running alongside the fence as now it appears to be further dividing the grassed area.