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Local Elections – PARKSTONE


Dear Resident,

Four years ago, just prior to local elections, our association felt it would be helpful to ask

pertinent questions of all candidates. As a result, we received very favourable feedback from

residents and candidates. We believe it will be useful to repeat the exercise and hope the

answers below will assist you when casting your vote on Thursday 02 May 2019. Please

excuse presentation –just want to get the newsletter to you asap!

Best wishes

Mike Randall (Chair PBA)

Question 1: How will you ensure the interests of residents (particularly at

Whitecliff and Baiter Park) are fully represented at the new council and not just

steam-rollered by the Bournemouth majority?

Question 2: How will you respond if interests of your residents are at odds with

decisions or recommendations made by your party at BCP level?

Question 3: ‘Travellers’ is one of the most sensitive issues faced by residents with

regular incursions at Whitecliff and Baiter Park. How can you address concerns of

the residents, given the fact there is currently a large encampment of travellers

at Harbourside 2 car park?


1. Within Poole Council, the opposition parties to the Conservatives let themselves be

steamrollered time and time again due to their lack of co-ordination, knowledge of

procedures or political knowledge. We cannot allow the new BCP council to become a

chamber full of Conservative yes men and women. As a Labour councillor, I will speak to the

residents of Parkstone and take their concerns to the council chambers, representing them.

As part of a Labour group, combined of Labour councillors across the conurbation, it will not

be easy for us to be steamrollered when representing you.

2. As mentioned above, a group of Labour councillors working together is more positive and

able to achieve their goals than one lone wolf opposition. As your Labour councillor, I will put

my residents’ needs first and ensure I am representing you. The Labour Party understands

that there may be occasions when I would be required to vote against the party. There are

no such things as “3 Line Whips” in local government, and I would be provided dispensation

to vote as required when it comes to my ward

3. I see that under section 62A of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 police are

supposed to direct travellers to authorised sites within the local authority, but as far as I can

see there is only one in the whole area. For me, best practice recommends finding a

negotiated solution with the travellers to avoid conflict with them and residents.

STEVE BARON (Poole People Party)

1. I was very concerned when twenty-one Conservative councillors voted to hand over

control of our town to Bournemouth. I will do my best to ensure that our town doesn’t just

become a ‘suburb’ of Bournemouth

2. One of the beliefs within our party is that we’re left to vote with our residents’ best

interests and not be whipped-in by national or local party politics

3. Travellers is a very contentious issue. Looking at more effective physical barriers would

certainly assist

JOHN CHALLINOR (Conservative)

1. I’ve worked hard to represent the interest of Parkstone and Poole residents over the last

four years and, if elected, would continue to do so in the new council. A majority of

councillors from one party across the Poole wards is the best way to ensure a strong voice

for the town

2. Councillors are elected to represent their ward as well as work for the best interests of

the whole authority. This can sometimes be difficult though I would always make sure that

my residents’ views are heard and will support them to the fullest and have used my ability

to positively challenge decisions in the past

3. I fully support all measures that the council can pursue to prevent/ remove incursions and

we are awaiting results from the government on the recent consultation on this issue. We

are expecting tougher and quicker decisions to be available to councils and, once they are, I

would press BCP to adopt these at the earliest convenience

GRANT GILLINGHAM – (Liberal Democrats)

1.My Liberal democrat colleagues on the council consistently voted against the merger and

are proposing the creation of ‘Community Councils’ to give power back to the communities

and halt the centralisation of power to Bournemouth. I am also a strong proponent of crossparty

cooperation and would work with representative of other parties in Poole to ensure

that our town has a strong voice on the new council

2. I will priorities the interests of residents over party decisions because I believe councillors

are elected to represent their residents first and foremost. Therefore, if my party are

pursuing something that would not be in the interests of my residents, I would ensure that I

would use my input to address their concerns and seek an outcome that would benefit

Parkstone residents

3. I am supportive of the Lib Dem policy of providing a permanent site for use by the

travelling communities in order to relieve seasonal pressure on our parks and open spaces


1. One reason for standing is that I am a resident of the Parkstone ward; anything that

affects our resident affects me. Every council should have good leadership-which hasn’t

always been the case recently-and perhaps even more importantly, a good opposition. If

Poole is to be well represented (and I am a ‘Poole person’), then a strong Liberal Democrat

representation on the council and possibly the creation of ‘Community Councils’ will help to

ameliorate the steam-roller effect.

2. This question came up at my adoption meeting: it is understood that should an individual

disagree with party instructions provided it is clear in advance that you disagree, then you

may follow your conscience and local interest and those of the residents come first

3. Without going into the legal details which are on the BCP website, permanent sites for

traveller communities are required in suitable locations


1. I have initiated forming a Neighbourhood Forum for Parkstone

(www.parkstoneneighbourhood.org.uk). For me this is the starting point as legislation

prioritises Neighbourhood Plans over Local Plans and it becomes a formal consultee. The

merger has created a democratic deficit in Poole and I am determined to ensure this gap is

filled. I will honour the decisions and recommendations made by this Forum. Modern well

organised, well-informed forum that is media savvy will be hard for BCP council to ignore

2. I am standing as an independent candidate alongside the Alliance for Local Living (ALL).

It’s very simple, I will not support and decisions or recommendations if it is at odds with the

residents in Parkstone. I intend for the Neighbourhood Forum (open to ALL) to be able to

put forward decisions and recommendations I will take to the BCP council as a councillor

3. There needs to be a registered ‘Travellers’ camp in the BCP area. With this police will be

empowered to move travellers on. The identification and selection of a site will be

challenging and require effort and I will have to work hard to get this addressed. We need

to work together across BCP to find a solution. I recall chairing a school debate on the

subject when I was 12. We came up with some good ideas then. It saddens me that 30

years later issues like this have not been resolved

ANN STRIBLEY (Conservative)

1. Only the election of one Party with a clear majority of Poole’s seats can ensure a strong

voice for Poole. All Councillors have a clear duty to represent the interests of their Ward

and residents to the best of their ability; however, all Councillors have an absolute duty to

vote in the best interests of the whole Authority

2. If elected I will always do everything that I able to do to support the interests of the

residents of my Ward.

3. I will do everything possible to ensure our parks and open spaces are protected from

unauthorised incursions. When there are unauthorised encampments I will support all

proper legal action to have them removed at the earliest possible moment.

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Local Elections

Local Elections- As you know local council elections are almost upon us- 02 May. I’ve contacted Poole council to establish an approximate number of candidates so far-it appears that there is likely to be a considerable number of potential councillor applications for our areas of Parkstone (Whitecliff) and Poole Town (Baiter). If you recall, last election we asked three questions of each candidate and sent their responses to you (separate ‘flyer’ issues for Whitecliff and Baiter, naturally) before polling day and we had very positive feedback from residents of both areas. We propose to do the same again but with one difference –we’d like to summarise the questions based upon what YOU’D like to know about local issues. Please forward questions to either me (Mike Randall) or any committee member but they must be with us by 09 April for consideration. Doing it this way removes potential political ‘propaganda’ from universal election leaflets and makes candidates responsive to what we feel is important-after all, we’re electing these people. Please let us know questions asap