Furnell Road

Furnell Road- You may know the location of Furnell Road-it’s the road connecting to Labrador Drive at Baiter Park. Did you know there are NO pedestrian crossings from Baiter Park? It’s a pedestrian island and at the bottom of Furnell Road, one has to look in four directions before crossing. Apart from being a four-faced god (Janus- actually he was only two) it can be an absolute nightmare to cross there, particularly for elderly and young children. Add into the mix events nights etc at the quay and one can almost take their life in their hands attempting to cross. I’ve badgered Transportation department at BCP and to his credit Cllr Hadley met me to evaluate the situation -he agreed that something must be done and one suggestion from the council for a mini-roundabout is absolutely no help whatsoever -it’s designed for motorists -not pedestrians. Luckily Cllr Hadley agreed with me…so we move to the next stage for a resolution asap!

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