Month: November 2019


Committee- We would like to place on public record our sincere thanks to three members of our committee who will be leaving after the 2019 AGM. Gerry Byrne has worked tirelessly as treasurer, developing the website and arranging accommodation for meetings. Dennis Broadhurst is a mine of knowledge of our area and has been a committee member for a number of years. He is a Poole man born and bred. Rev Lewis Pearson, although a relatively ‘new’ member has always been available for advice and support. Gerry is leaving for increased work commitments, Lewis will be leaving the area and so will Dennis. You will all definitely be missed.

Harbourside Developments

Harbourside Developments- You will probably remember a project by the then Poole Council to make improvements to Whitecliff and also Baiter. We have been fully involved in discussions etc and to update you, things are happening. At Baiter Park, the ground behind Harbourside 2 car park has been strip cut and filled with sand to improve drainage. This should enable many events to take place further away from residences and also shield noise by the avenue of trees. In addition, new picnic tables will be installed, with better access for wheelchair users, repairing fencing around Whitecliff, refreshing shrub beds along Sandbanks Road, improved signage to include historical contexts and ‘wayfinder’ markers, repairing the sluice channel. Details:

Ken Bearcroft

Many of you will recall the indefatigable Ken, President of our association, who sadly passed away in 2018.

Ken was a staunch protector of the environment of this area and his hard work and dedication over very many years has greatly helped to protect and improve the Whitecliff and Baiter Harbourside Parks for all residents and users to enjoy.

An oak tree was planted near to the entrance of the Whitecliff carpark in his memory and as a tribute to someone held in the greatest respect by all who knew and worked with him.

Skate Park

Skate Park -I’m sure you are aware of the skate park along Newfoundland Drive. It is well-used and due to wear and tear, much needs replacing. To the credit of BCP and user groups, they are trying to raise monies for replacement of many of the items. We felt it was appropriate to make a donation from PBA funds to support this so a ‘gift’ of £500 has been made. It may only be perceived as a ‘gesture’ but it reflects that we support the whole community, regardless of age

Furnell Road

By Mike Randall

Furnell Road- You may know the location of Furnell Road-it’s the road connecting to Labrador Drive at Baiter Park. Did you know there are NO pedestrian crossings from Baiter Park? It’s a pedestrian island and at the bottom of Furnell Road, one has to look in four directions before crossing. Apart from being a four-faced god (Janus- actually he was only two) it can be an absolute nightmare to cross there, particularly for elderly and young children. Add into the mix events nights etc at the quay and one can almost take their life in their hands attempting to cross. I’ve badgered Transportation department at BCP and to his credit Cllr Hadley met me to evaluate the situation -he agreed that something must be done and one suggestion from the council for a mini-roundabout is absolutely no help whatsoever -it’s designed for motorists -not pedestrians. Luckily Cllr Hadley agreed with me…so we move to the next stage for a resolution asap!


BCP- You will be fully aware of the merger between the three councils and I look forward to positive dialogue(s) with the newly-formed council. Obviously, there will be teething problems until systems and processes are fully embedded, leading to improvements and impact but we won’t hesitate to ask the awkward questions should there be a need to do so


AGM- Yes, it’s that time of the year again when we have another fun-packed evening. Attendance has been historically good and we’ve had some excellent speakers-and this year promises to be no exception to that patter. I have personally chased the new Chief Executive of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole(BCP), Mr Graham Farrant to come and talk at our AGM and he has agreed to do so! A real coup for residents! I suggested he talks about how he will engage with residents of PBA, his vision for the future of the conurbation and how to avoid Poole becoming a ‘satellite’ of Bournemouth. The meeting is on 19 November 2019 @ 19:15 at Parkstone Yacht Club. Do please support us with this crucial meeting and feel free to ask questions of Mr Farrant. It would be helpful if you could submit questions to me prior to the meeting, but it’s not essential.