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Local Elections- As you know local council elections are almost upon us- 02 May. I’ve contacted Poole council to establish an approximate number of candidates so far-it appears that there is likely to be a considerable number of potential councillor applications for our areas of Parkstone (Whitecliff) and Poole Town (Baiter). If you recall, last election we asked three questions of each candidate and sent their responses to you (separate ‘flyer’ issues for Whitecliff and Baiter, naturally) before polling day and we had very positive feedback from residents of both areas. We propose to do the same again but with one difference –we’d like to summarise the questions based upon what YOU’D like to know about local issues. Please forward questions to either me (Mike Randall) or any committee member but they must be with us by 09 April for consideration. Doing it this way removes potential political ‘propaganda’ from universal election leaflets and makes candidates responsive to what we feel is important-after all, we’re electing these people. Please let us know questions asap

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  1. Most importantly: Would the councillors work towards REMAINING in the EU 🇪🇺??
    Are they in favour of FURTHER OIL DESTRACTION or developing SUSTAINABLE methods of producing energy and energy conservation?

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