Heart of Poole

Heart of Poole- I’ve been closely following latest developments in respect of plans to reorganise the centre of Poole. I’ve studied maps, read reports and have written to the strategic leader of Poole council and Mr McLaughlin (Service Unit Head-Growth and Infrastructure). You may be aware there are proposals to permanently close to traffic along Kingland Road from the George Roundabout to Mount Pleasant Road. This will result in very positive gains for pedestrians but has raised concerns re traffic movement through the centre of Poole. To access the A35 would mean having to travel via Mount Pleasant roundabout to the George roundabout. It’s not so much the distance as the back-up of traffic trying to access the George roundabout from a single direction. If this goes ahead, there would have to be major reconfigurations of Mount Pleasant roundabout, as well as other junctions i.e. George roundabout, High St North/ Elizabeth Road junction and Seldown roundabout as well as additional routes into the town centre. It is a massive project. I strongly believe that whatever outcome is reached it should be through proper and in-depth consultations with ALL residents as it will significantly impact on all of us for the short and potentially long-term future. You can contact Mr McLaughlin for further details at Julian.McLaughlin@poole.gov.uk…but PLEASE try and ensure whatever is decided is as a consequence of full public consultation PRIOR to any final decisions

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