Month: November 2018

STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS 31st December 2017


                                                                   STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS

                                                                      As at 31st December 2017

2017 2016
         £        £
Bank Account Balance as of 1st January 3427.57 3324.41
Income from Donations 630 728
Expenditure (see Below) 1064.24 624.84
Bank Account Balance as at 31st December 2993.33 3427.57


Expenditure Breakdown 2017 2016
Donations/Subscriptions ________ ______
Whitecliff Voluntary Gardening Group 67.40 0
Telephone/Post/Parking ______ 0
AGM Expense 0 0
Newsletter 949 577
Website        47.84 47.84
Total 1064.24 624.84

Parkstone Bay Association AGM 24th October 2018 Minutes



Minutes of Annual General Meeting Held on 24 October 2018 at Parkstone Yacht Club – 55 attendees


Present: M Randall (MR-Chair), G Byrne (GB-Treasurer),


Committee Members: D Broadhurst (DB), J. Wallace-Hadrill (J H-W), P. Steer (PS)


  1. Chair Opened Meeting

MR formally opened the meeting and welcomed residents. MR introduced Cllrs Stribley and Howell to attendees. Requested everyone sign in and highlighted exit and assembly points in case of an emergency.


  1. Apologies

Cllr J. Challinor, J. Stafford, D. Storer


  1. Minutes of 26 September 2016 AGM

The minutes were agreed as a true record.

Proposed: R. Rodwell Seconded: L. Squires. Unanimously carried and signed by MR.


  1. Matters Arising

No matters arising


  1. Chair’s Report

The Chair pointed out he had only been Chair by default- for 7 years…as no-one else was forthcoming for the vacant position and there was the danger of the association being wound-up if officers within the committee could not be appointed. Being Chair is overall an onerous position and MR made a plea for others to come forward to offer services. It was commented that currently all committee positions are held by men-it would be a positive step to encourage women to come forward and join the committee to create more balance. Younger residents would be particularly welcome. In addition, MR suggested that minutes of all committee meetings should be published on the association’s website


Committee Meetings – These have been reduced from 6 (average) to 4 during the current year. In addition, there have been fewer deliveries of newsletters -6 reduced to 4


Engagement with Officers – PBA prefers to work with Officers who are now more receptive-although not all are viewed in a positive light


Field of Hope – Marie Curie Trust sponsored daffodil planting- hopefully a sign will be installed at the site close to the cycle speedway area indicating the Marie Curie Field of Hope, but it is understood the council wants to have a say in the matter, hence a delay in installation of signage. The identical message was delivered at last year’s AGM so things are still not progressing on this front


Events at Baiter – 17 events. These are proving to be successful but noise is still a factor for particular events. Praise afforded to organisers of the twice-annual fun fair. They commence at the correct time (daily) and close at the correct time. In addition, the organisers clean up every trace of litter. This is an improvement on the attitude of some visitors and include Poole residents who feel no conscience about discarding their litter around Baiter Park


 ‘Travellers’ – The situation is still not resolved because another incursion at Baiter Park (whilst an event, including the fun fair was being installed). It led to a bitter stand-off between ‘travellers’ and organisers of two events that prompted MR to contact police and council to demand immediate invoking of Section 61- which can result in forced eviction within 24 hours. This was complied with and ‘travellers’ left Baiter Park within 24 hours. Since then the council have installed a series of Purbeck stone boulders along the skateboard park (the site of incursion) to deter further incursions


Merger of Councils –Cllr Stribley explained the current position of merger and the short timespan for decisions and processes to take place. There will be 76 members and ward boundaries will change. There will be the retention of three mayors as part of each authority’s distinctive feature. Cllr Stribley’s comments were partially echoed by Cllr Howell who gave another perspective on the merger-stressing that much of the merger has been driven by a cost-saving principle. It is essential for residents to become involved at election time May 2019.

MR asked a question re the future of the Civic Centre (Poole) as c£135000 has been ‘earmarked’ for improvements-but will it still be required, following the merger. No clear answers are available.

MR reiterated the importance of residents’ associations being more essential as a means of holding council(s) to account, particularly as the merger will entail additional bureaucracy and a danger of furthering contact between councillors, officers and residents


Parking Whitecliff Road- This is a very contentious issue as currently there are no restrictions to parking along Whitecliff Road. However, almost all the road is fully parked during the day but with little parking access to young families wishing to use the recreation park at Whitecliff. However, if parking restrictions are introduced, it is likely that side roads will become even more ‘clogged’ with traffic. The council is aware of the situation


Whitecliff Pavilion– A lively discussion ensued in respect of the future of the pavilion at Whitecliff. Concerns were strongly expressed re the conditions relating to tendering for control of the pavilion. In essence, there was total opposition by residents present to the concept of licencing being extended until 11pm. Cllr Stribley tried to reassure that it would be only on special occasions that extending opening time of the pavilion would take place. MR expressed concern that whatever happens, it is essential not to lose sight of the fact that priority must be extended to community sports groups using the pavilion for changing etc and under no circumstances should that be compromised



  1. Treasure’s Report

2017-18 accounts will be available on the association’s website. Most expenditure has been focused on printing costs, maintaining the website and a donation to Poole Hospital on behalf of the late President Ken Bearcroft, as per his family’s wishes.

The accounts will be audited by the association’s nominated auditor Mr Les Lane



  1. Election of Officers

Chair- Proposed- D. Broadhurst Seconded J. Wallace-Hadrill- Carried

The Chair agreed to stand for a final year having served in the post for 7 years. No other nominations were forthcoming.

Treasurer – GB proposed by M. Randall and seconded by A. Linton Carried

The Committee agreed to serve for a further year.


  1. Any Other Business-Open Forum

Newsletters- MR asked for volunteers to distribute newsletters to specific roads, particularly in Whitecliff

A resident raised the issue of damaged gym equipment around the park. Ruth Wharton (attendee Council officer) confirmed that the equipment had been installed almost 10 years ago and it was nearing the end of its life expectancy. There will be re-surfacing of the area within outdoor gym equipment and the council will seek external funding. An issue was raised surrounding maintenance funding and it came as a surprise to discover that apparently, there is no monies available for annual maintenance. Residents strongly believe this factor should be in-built to all proposals to replace/ refurbish the gym equipment. Ruth Wharton offered to accompany the resident to inspect all the outdoor gym equipment around Poole Park

Finally, MR paid tribute to the work and character of the late President, Ken Bearcroft, whose work will bear testimony to all the improvements made at Whitecliff and Baiter Park. As President of our association for many years, in many ways Ken WAS Mr Parkstone Bay. Nothing was ever too much for him and he regularly attended less than enthralling council and other community meetings, never afraid to offer his views, but always in support of our community. He will be sorely missed by his family, the association, local residents and the community beyond



  1. Guest Speaker(s)- Ruth Wharton (RW) led a presentation dealing with Harbourside development and improvements. The council was delighted in over 500 responses to a survey undertaken about improvements to Harbourside. The top ten issues were discussed, starting with public toilets, car parking, catering and events.

RW continued to outline improvements such as more visible signage along the promenade, replacement of trees, sit cleanliness, access to Whitecliff recreation area, picnic site(s) and barbeque site at the quay end of Baiter Park and also replacing the current skateboard park. A bid has been made to community funding to replace the equipment and the support group would like a letter of support from Parkstone Bay Association. MR confirmed he is happy to oblige. Improved drainage, particularly at Baiter Park, is essential so that more events can be moved away for residential properties

Louis Sherman (LS) explained his role since his recent appointment to Poole council. He is extremely keen in encouraging people to use the environment and happy to talk to groups of residents so that he can become a resource for local groups. It was mentioned by a resident that the 50 km walk was ‘amazing.’ There was no litter, disruption, inconvenience and thousands of people participated. A heartfelt plea was made to repeat this activity. LS promised to look into this


Finally, MR thanked residents for turning up in such numbers and addressed councillors and officers informing them that with a large number of attendees it confirmed that resident care passionately about their local community


Meeting closed at 20:40