Month: October 2018


Yes, our Annual General Meeting. It will be held on 24 October at Parkstone Yacht Club @ 19:15…in the newly-refurbished centre. Our guest speakers will be two senior officers of Poole Council who will outline briefly Harbourside Developments at Baiter and Whitecliff and also environmental engagement future projects. They will want to hear your views and ideas. Please do come along and support us…as usual. We had a wonderful session last year re the merger of Poole Hospital and Royal Bournemouth Hospital. Please put the date in your diary. This is your chance to air views publicly that affect not only you as residents, but also our area.

As usual, we will invite our local ward councillors for Whitecliff and Poole Town (Baiter Park). If you need to contact them for any particular reason, their details are listed below


We have been blessed with a number of new committee members during the past twelve months. However, as more and more of us are reaching that ‘delicate’ age when putting our feet up is becoming more and more inviting, we would welcome additional new blood onto our committee. Being a committee member is not onerous. We hold about four meetings per year, not too far to travel to attend meetings and help make decisions on behalf of all residents. Our committee is made up entirely of the male species. It would be good to have at least several female representation on the committee. If you are in the slightest way interested in joining the committee, don’t hesitate to contact one of the committee for further information. Contact doesn’t mean commitment!


We are always grateful for volunteers to assist in delivery of our newsletters. Sometimes, I make the mistake of trying to commit to memory who has offered to make deliveries of newsletters. Please let one of the committee know of you can assist us in the future. We are particularly short of volunteers for Whitecliff

Road Surfaces

We have expressed concerns to the council at the appalling state of the road between Poole Park gates, to the narrow railway tunnel and beyond. I am sure you have all ‘experienced’ the condition of the road surface. It is rapidly becoming a safety hazard for all users of the road, especially cyclists

Whitecliff Road

We would like there to be a four-hour parking limit along this road as currently, as many people park there for the duration of the day, using it as ‘free parking’ whilst going to work. This road is often packed with parked cars. Families who wish to use Whitecliff recreation areas (including the playground) are finding it increasingly difficult to find a parking place for children.

Whitecliff Pavilion

Two planning applications have been submitted to Poole Council and we, as an association are very concerned that whatever the outcome, it does not detract for the principle of what the pavilion ‘stands for’ in respect of community usage. Towards that end, we will object to a variance of opening hours until 11pm and ensure that any ‘commercialisation ‘of the pavilion and its environs will not negatively impact on sports provision for the community or the grassed area in front of the building. I understand that proposals to ‘develop’ the toilet block into a café area at Baiter has been put onto hold as there is too much involvement with Whitecliff pavilion!

Anti-Social Behaviour

For the first time I have been contacted by residents in respects of various anti-social behaviour taking place (mostly at Baiter Park) but also for one incident at Whitecliff. Anti-social behaviour comes in many formats e.g. youngsters playing football and other ball games but kicking balls against cars, fences and windows causing damage, loud abusive and threatening language and threatening behaviour (This is not an exhaustive list!) I have personally tried to intervene to support complainants…with mixed success but have been successful in establishing a positive link with Poole Borough Council’s Anti-Social Department who have been very helpful. If you witness or endure what appears to be anti-social behaviour, please contact the Department on 01202633438. They will respond to you.


Wouldn’t it be a pleasant change not to include so-called ‘travellers’ in our communications with you. Sadly, that’s not the case…as usual. And…as usual… ‘travellers’ have turned up again and again at Baiter Park and for a short ‘visit’ also to Copse Close and Whitecliff. The most recent incursion at Baiter occurred whilst organisers were preparing for the ‘Immense Events’ and also fun-fair last month. It resulted in a very hostile confrontation between security personnel for ‘Immense Events’ and ‘travellers.’ It reached such a situation that I phoned 999 and had to intervene directly with police officers who were blaming the council and when contacted the council it was the usual negative response. However, I did also contact via email the police commissioner, Mr Underhill to press for Section 61 removal order that can be implemented in the case of impending violence. It took Mr Underhill’s secretary over a week to reply but in the meantime Section 61 was invoked, resultant in ‘travellers’ leaving Baiter Park the ensuing day after my email. This Order needs to be sanctioned more regularly but also I ask you to contact our MP Mr Syms to demand that he becomes more vocal in amending the current farcical law that creates additional rights to ‘travellers.’ This action has been already undertaken very forcibly by a Bournemouth MP Conor Burns and certainly, our MP should be following suit. Since the removal of ‘travellers’ another Achilles heel for Baiter has been addressed by new Purbeck stone boulders being placed alongside the skateboard park to prevent access. It’s getting a bit like Fort Knox!

Ken Bearcroft

It is with great and personal regret I have to inform you of the sad news that our president, Ken Bearcroft passed away, on Wednesday 26 September. Although Ken hadn’t been in the greatest of health, it came as a great shock to learn of his passing. I could easily fill this newsletter with information solely devoted to Ken. His contribution to this association, to Baiter Park, Whitecliff and the wider local community has been immense.

Ken was a founder member of Parkstone Bay Association, so his membership has been for at least four decades. I have personally relied a great deal on Ken for his unique knowledge of local politics, the local environment and local feelings. Obviously, there are some issues that frankly ‘bore’ me but Ken was always willing to look into situations that needed a more-depth insight. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he was always prepared to turn up for council cabinet and committee meetings at which he would often be the only member of public in attendance!

Ken was a person of total integrity, a man of principle and who would ‘stand his ground’ on items in which he felt strongly. At committee meetings Ken would have a say on every standing item and would be listened to with great respect (even if members didn’t always agree with his content) as his contribution(s) were always well-thought out.

Every issue that arose, I always used Ken as a sounding board. Now he won’t be with us, I will use my experiences with Ken as a means of reflection and use that as a means towards any decisions that have to be made.

I have received messages of condolence from several councillors and I would like to include a section written by Cllr Stribley:

‘We will all miss Ken as a tireless campaigner for the local area…whilst we were not always in agreement I could always respect his integrity and point of view’

Finally, I would like to thank Ken’s wife, Liz and the family for making us so very welcome for innumerable meetings at their house. It can’t have been easy giving up your lounge to so many (and at times not so many) committee members. You have been a tower of strength to Ken and like us will miss him very much, but in different ways.
I hope we will be able to make some fitting and lasting tribute to Ken, after first discussing this with Liz and her family. I will also leave that Ken is our President for this edition of the newsletter as he certainly was when I began to write it.