Improvements at Whitecliff and Baiter Park.

Poole Borough Council has a tranche of monies available to implement developments and have decided to spend the amount to implement improvements at Whitecliff and Baiter Park. I have met with the senior officer on several occasions and she has attended a committee meeting of Parkstone Bay Association.

In essence, eleven developments are being suggested. These include:

  1. To undertake repair work on the sluice channel from Poole ark into Poole Harbour. This is largely due to corrosion in the sheet piling with holes in the channel wall. The ground collapses into the channel creating holes in the park land
  2. Dual path use – This is the area of ‘grass’ connecting Whitecliff and Baiter Park. The aim is to widen the path along the harbour edge to that walkers and cyclists, as well as dog walkers can have more space and avoid ‘conflict’
  3. Whitecliff play area- There is no path connecting the play area to the park. The ground access is often muddy. Create a new footpath linking to the existing footpath
  4. Cycling- At Turks Lane the cycleway ends at the road. Extend the dual path to run alongside Turks Lane
  5. Biodiversity- Wild flower/grass meadows need refreshing. Improve and rejuvenate part/whole of wild flower area
  6. Fencing- Wooden fencing along the banks of Whitecliff Road are rotting. Remove any unnecessary fencing. Replace where required
  7. Play and fitness equipment and surfaces. Some items have had their ‘sell-by-date.’ Consider how best to replace worn-out equipment
  8. Signage- Inconsistent and unhelpful as well as in poor condition. Redesign all signage and link with surrounding areas of interest and celebrate the site’s history
  9. Planting trees- Review existing stock. Plant new to provide long-term planting stock
  10. Events area at Baiter Park- poor drainage causing issues during events. Events closer to residential areas potentially causing disturbance complaints. Consider ‘in-fill’ to restore condition of ground behind Harbourside 2 car park
  11. Skate park- coming to end of its life and needs renewing. Requires external funding

These are just some of the ideas BUT Poole Council would also like YOUR ideas too. In order to gain your thought, you are invited to a series of meetings that will take place in the area of Whitecliff and Baiter Park:

Date and Time                    Main Target Audience                     Location

Sat 28 April 10:00-13:00       Families and children                      Near Baiter slipway

Wed 09 May 08:00-11:00      Dog walkers/ commuters                 Near entrance from Quay

Thurs 17 May 16:00-20:00    Dog walkers/ commuters                 Near Turks Lane

Tues 29 May 13:00-18:00     Families and children                      Near Whitecliff play area

Please come along and listen to the proposals BUT more important, please give your views and suggestions. I already have offered other thoughts to the council

Thank you- Mike Randall (Chair Parkstone Bay Association)

2 thoughts on “Improvements at Whitecliff and Baiter Park.

  1. Drainage on East side of Baiter park is poor / blocked … nasty stagnant pools have developed over winter.

    Although we do cycle frequently on the path, I am often appalled by the speed / no bells / ‘inconsiderate’ness’ of some other cyclists (usually the ones wearing lycra, and trying to get ‘personal best’ speed times ) These few guys give us all a bad name. But I’m not sure widening is the answer (allows more speed !!), but separate / separated cycle path is one way.

    Likewise some dog owners are also inconsiderate .. apart from not clearing up (which is most dangerous for kids), uncontrolled and especially those long retractable leads which become bike and people ‘trap’s. Even Pedestrians can be inconsiderate – walking in wide groups spreading across the whole path, oblivious to all.

    Signage goes a long way – it sets / reminds the normal rules : 10mph, use bell, pedestrians have priority, keep left, clean up after dogs, dogs on (short) leads.
    in short … ‘BE CONSIDERATE’ so we can all enjoy this beautiful place, in harmony.

  2. As a dog walker and occasional cyclist we agree more signage, courtesy to be encouraged. Unfortunately we see a few dog messes left every day. The culprits might be the very early, very late walkers. Some dog bins have been removed also which does not help. Can a warden appear occasionally?
    We would not want to see any bush or tree planting along the railway areas, or in that area of baiter. The hundreds or so (plus flats, hospital) who live around the park inside the railway line have a precious view across the gap beside the sluice gates to the model boat shed area. Already decreasing with the other large trees growing each end of it.

    Better signage would be nice as people have no clue that the quay is a short walk along.
    To preserve what we all enjoy and never allow developing on it.

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