Harbourside Development

I have been in discussions with a council officer as there has been monies obtained to undertake a series of ‘developments’ alongside Whitecliff and Baiter Park. These are almost entirely of a maintenance nature e.g. level the ‘dog’ walking area between Whitecliff and the skateboard park so that it is not so undulating- but maintain the ‘ethos’ i.e. no gravel, just flatten the ‘pathway,’ repairs to wooden fencing adjacent to Whitecliff rec playpark, additional planting alongside the railway fence and also improve the ground surface on Baiter to reduce flooding so that events can be further moved behind Harbourside 2 car park, shielded by trees and more away from properties. To date we see nothing very contentious in these and other proposals, but will obviously keep a close eye!

Finally, it’s local election time in just over a year. With the proposed merger of councils, it will be a very interesting situation and I wonder how councillors will seek our votes. They would do well to remember that residents have long memories…!


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