Month: October 2017


 Now the other side of the coin. The adage ‘Age shall not weary them…’ is unfortunately not true for our committee. None of us are getting younger and our numbers are diminishing to the point where there are only five serving members. We urgently need new blood. The work isn’t onerous. We have 3-4 meetings per year and they’re usually finished within one and half hours. We provide support for each other. All we require is enthusiasm and a commitment to protect our area from inappropriate actions/development. To put matters succinctly- if no new members are forthcoming, we may have to close down our association. I genuinely believe this would be a tragedy for this area and could open the floodgates to situations whereby we have no response, apart from individuals. Whilst we are still ‘going’ we would welcome additional help to deliver newsletters in Whitecliff. Please contact a member of the committee if you can assist- even for one road. Many thanks


We have succeeded in the past (and present). A few examples: – forefront of halting the proposed white elephant called Solar Pyramid, closing Harbourside 2 car park to ‘travellers’ and also ensuring Whitecliff Rec is protected from illegal incursions, establishing Fields in Trust to protect our open spaces from unnecessary development and also pushing through the reopening of Baiter Park toilets. Without our committee as a recognised group, I wonder what would have happened had we not stood up for residents of our area?