Month: July 2017

A note from the Chairman

Dear Resident,

I am sure you are all aware of the uproar associated with the closure of Baiter park toilets. Recently, I had the opportunity to present our petitions to the full council –over 250 signatures and was allowed a 2 minute presentation. As a result the issue has been sent to a meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to be held on 19 July @ 18:00 in the Civic Centre. Although you would not be permitted to speak PLEASE do attend this key meeting to demonstrate your strength over this farcical issue. You can submit questions for the committee to answer. However, questions have to be submitted by midnight 14 July to You can send by post to: Pauline Gill, Democratic Services Manager, Civic Centre, Poole BH 15 2RU. Questions must not exceed 100 words.

I have personally witnessed many people relieving themselves around the bushes on a daily basis. It has truly become a stinking cesspit and how can anyone justify in sending school children to urinate in public during a school party visit to Baiter? Include in this list visitors, families, disabled groups etc. Also there is nowhere to wash hands. Last weekend there were at least 3 evidences of human excreta and we all know that urea or excreta on soil/grass provides a very fertile breeding ground for infectious bacteria.

The portfolio holder for Environment states that the toilets were not well used. Total rubbish! How does HE know? He admits that a survey taken many years ago was corrupted and gave wrong readings! He also states that nearest toilets on the Quay are 5 min away! Total nonsense! I’ve walked it at a brisk pace -13 minutes…how much longer for disabled or very young children. There is NO dignity in people relieving themselves in bushes and the council classifies this as ‘antisocial’ behaviour. NO! Antisocial behaviour is closing the toilets.

The cost of retaining the toilets is £19kpa. However, the summer holidays are upon us and Baiter will get increasingly busy…and combine this with warm/hot weather and we have a health risk situation. The Environment Manager stated there is no’ significant’ health risk…so how much of a health risk is there? It would not cost a huge amount to keep open the toilets until a business plan is accepted. Surely, it would make sense and avoid further uproar if the toilets are opened until the solution is found. It’s not rocket-science!

Poole Council Website- first value: ‘We put residents, including young people at the heart of everything we do.’

Do PLEASE support us over this very contentious issue. ‘Your Association Needs You!’

We would like to communicate with you more frequently via our Do please read it for updates.

Please let me know if you can assist in delivering newsletters around Whitecliff area

Please come forward to join our committee. We are struggling for committee members!

Thank you

Mike Randall (Chair PBA)   Tel: 01202 568105