Month: October 2016




Minutes of Annual General Meeting Held on 26 September 2016 at Parkstone Yacht Club


Present: M Randall (MR-Chair), G Byrne (GB-Treasurer)


Committee Members: D Broadhurst (DB), C Lewis (CL)


  1. Chair Opened Meeting


MR formally opened the meeting and welcomed residents and Deputy Mayor Cllr Mrs Stribley. Requested everyone sign in and highlighted exit and assembly points in case of an emergency.


  1. Apologies


Cllrs Challinor and Howell, K Bearcroft (President), A Mountford (Secretary).


  1. Minutes of 21 October 2015 AGM


The minutes were agreed as a true record.


Proposed: E Marsden Seconded: C Dudley-King.  Unanimously carried and signed by MR.


  1. Matters Arising and Chairs Report


Cllr Stribley said Cllrs were unaware of the last AGM and therefore were unable to proffer apologies or attend. Now rectified.


Travellers – Harbourside 2 Car Park – Entrance closed to travellers following council meeting attended by MR. Cllr Stribley had been instrumental in promoting concerns and putting the issue at top of agenda for the meeting.  Unfortunately the travellers moved to Copse Close.  It was pointed out by one member that broken glass, bottles and screws were left at the site representing a hazard for people using the facility.  The building of a bund and bollards was suggested and will be pursued with Council Officers.  The question of prosecution was raised but there are difficulties in assembling the required evidence.


Engagement with Officers – PBA prefers to work with Officers who are now more receptive.


Website – Chair apologised for giving incorrect web address but now up and running and Chair urged greater use.


Newsletter – 5 so far this year with one directed to Baiter and Traveller incursion.


Pavilion at Whitecliff – Liaising with Officers who are looking for sponsorship for the Pavilion which is out to tender with intended use as a hub for social events.


Inapproriate Development – Objection re the Field in Trust and demolition and development of the Quarterdeck hotel (traffic concerns).


Field of Hope – Marie Curie Trust sponsored daffodil planting; three possible areas identified.


Events at Baiter – 17 events involving successful engagement with Officers.


Anti-social Behaviour – Improved contact with Police.


Skateboard ParkProposed extension and greater engagement with young people as now an Olympic event, but concerns over littering.


Bus Shelter at Baiter – Success over the installation of a bus shelter and seat for older residents – agreed with Council Officers.


Poole Park Traffic Closure Comments made to officers as impractical and at unnecessary cost.


Housing – 5500 new houses to be developed PBA engaged in the next stage.


Committee Introduced.



  1. Treasure’s Report


The Treasurer presented accounts up until December 2015 showing a reasonably healthy balance of £3,359. The current balance is £3,262 with donations to date of £493 compared to last years total of £693.


The previous Auditor is no longer available and the Treasurer made a request if a Member had a suitable qualification to undertake the audit which would probably take no more than 30 minutes.


  1. Election of Officers


The Chair agreed to stand for the last year having served in the post for 5 years. No other nominations were forthcoming.

Treasurer – GB proposed by C Chauncy and seconded by B Brewer                      Carried

Secretary – AM proposed by J Broadhurst and seconded by C Dudley-King           Carried

The Committee agreed to serve for a further year. Cllr Stribley suggested that the Committee should be able to co-opt members as required.


  1. Any Other Business


Car Parking Charges – Whitecliff; deferred and unlikely to go ahead. Upton House Country Park; level of charges published and available.


Hospital merger of A&E Departments – The proposal is to move A&E to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital with only limited day time cover at Poole.  This is a cost cutting exercise promoted by the Chief Executives and Commissioning Group.  MR spoke personally that he strongly believed that Poole requires 24 hour A&E because of travel difficulty to Bournemouth.  There is also uncertainty over maternity and cancer care at Poole and the conversion of a top floor at the hospital to 6 private beds will result in a loss of 17 beds to the NHS.


Planning for housing at the St Mary Road site will be taken up by PBA.


Poole Park Heritage Group – talk by Eunice Marsden


ER gave an informative insight into the proposals for the Park as part of the lottery bid. Public consultation has been completed.  The park will embrace its Victorian Heritage.  They have identified three garden areas incorporating a memorial rose garden and sensory garden.  If successful there will be a four year development programme.  ER highlighted the photographic mosaic which is a unique feature in Poole Park.  The ER are holding a Victorian Evening on 8 November 7.00 pm at the Cricket Pavilion tickets £6.00.  MR to speak.


Reshaping your councils – talk by Cllr Mrs Stribley


Cllr Stribley provided a detailed description of the proposals which are financially driven because of the considerable reduction in central government funding. The shortfall in funding will be made up through increases in Council Tax which because of equalisation will adversely affect Poole, which currently has the lowest rate.  The intention is to create larger more efficient councils which the current 330 councillors in the larger Dorset Authorities will decide.  Currently out for consultation involving a number of road shows.


Poole Harbour Commissioner


MR spoke on behalf of the Harbour Commissioner, who was double booked and unable to attend. The Harbour Commissioners are hoping to increase the number of cruise liners that visit the port by providing deeper water channels and enforced quays.


Meeting closed at 20:40




Bank Account Balance as of 1st January   £3303.44

Income from Donations  £693.23

Expenditure (see Below) £672.25

Bank Account Balance as at 31st December 2015           £3359.41


Expenditure Breakdown               2015

Printing/Stationary (SC)   £14.25

AGM Expense     £74

Newsletter          £584     


Total      £672.25  

Poole Harbour Commissioner Report

2016 has been a busy year for the port.

BF have spent £10 million on new technology for the Barfleur so that the vessel can comply with new environmental legislation, hopefully ensuring its continued Cherbourg operation for the foreseeable future.

Condor are now in their second year of operations from Poole. They experienced some technical glitches with M/V Liberation (102 metre fast craft), however they have encountered no problems with the port of Poole and we are confident that the relocation of their entire fast craft operation to Poole will be a permanent move.

Thus far it has been a solid year for bulk cargoes and we are seeing good growth in this sector.

This year we have had a record number of cruise calls (12) and there has been strong demand from a number of cruise ship companies to visit Poole however we are currently unable to accommodate most of the enquiries due to lack of depth at our existing quays.


South Quay

Further to our published master plan and subsequent HRO application (backed by extensive environmental impact assessment), PHC received approval from the Marine Management Organsiation to construct a new quay in the port. This will be immediately to the east of RoRo 2 (Condor berth), directly in front of the Port of Poole Marina. The construction will take approximately 8/9 months and is expected to be completed by June 2017. The new quay will be 9m deep and 200 metres long and will enable the port to attract a number of new customers to the port.

These include:

Larger Cruise ships – research has shown that we should be able to achieve 30/40 cruise ship calls per annum although this will be a phased approach over the next 10 years

Sunseeker exports – 90% of exports currently go through Southampton due to the lack of depth at the port’s existing quays.

Larger bulk cargo and project cargo vessels – a number of new port customers are expressing interest in moving to the port once the new quay has been built.

It is expected that the south quay traffic will help to compensate for the reduction in roro services that the port has had to contend with over the past 15 years or so.







Re-piling of Town Quay

The condition of the eastern end of Town Quay has deteriorated significantly over the years and therefore PHC has had to commence a re-piling operation, phased over the next 4 years, the first phase of which has already been completed.This has resulted in an increase of 0.5 metres in the height of Town Quay which will provide greater flood defence protection. This work Is essential if we are avoid a collapse of the quay (as per Weymouth).



Poole Boat Show

In May 2015 PHC hosted a Poole Harbour Boat Show in PQBH and on Town Quay. Approximately 15,000 people turned up over 2 days. There were approximately 100 boats on display and some 75 stalls on the quay.

The event included a number of water based activities and displays (including yacht club taster sessions intended to encourage novices onto the water), charity stalls , RNLI involvement , firework display, music stage, tall ships and historic vessels

PHC decided that it would be a free event.

We received very good feedback from exhibitors and the general publican and therefore arranged a 3 day event in May 2016 which attracted close to 20,000 people.


European Maritime Day (EMD)    

Every year the European Union selects a port to host EMD and we are delighted that Poole has been awarded the event in Many 2017.

It is a seven day event and government ministers are expected to attend.

2 day conference

3 day boat show / maritime festival

Maritime trade show


Open Evening

This will take place on 30th November at the passenger terminal and includes a presentation from the MD of Sunseeker.