Month: September 2016

AGM Update

Due to circumstances beyond our control I am afraid our guest speaker Mr Jim Stewart is unable to attend the AGM

We would like to apologise for this last minute change of plan but would like to confirm the AGM will still go ahead (26 Sep 7:15) as there is still much to cover.

Do please continue to support us with your attendance

Shaping the Future of Local Councils

 You may be aware that there are nine councils across the conurbations and Dorset. There are serious implications for funding local councils and it is essential that councils look at various options for re-structuring. Part of this programme will be to listen to the views of the electorate for whom they represent. A series of ‘roadshows’ will take place in the near future- for example 24 September in Falkland Square 11am-4pm. There are also other venues. Whether we like it or not councils play a significant part in our lives so please do contribute to the consultation either by attendance or via (I hope I’ve got this website address correct!)


I would like to thank John Milton and Chris Watkins for their support and efforts as part of PBA committee. Already Chris has relocated to ‘sunnier?’ climes in France. We need to expand our group. Please have a word with one of our members even if you are only 1% interested in joining our ‘happy’ committee band! Thank you.


Parkstone councillors are available to meet with residents on a regular basis –each at Parkstone Library. They have requested us to supply this information to you and we are happy to do so. The next meeting will be Saturday 24th September 10:30-12:00. The following meeting is on 22nd October.


Some you win, some you lose. Whilst Baiter Park had the first respite for a number of years from the incursions (apart from one hiccup when ‘travellers’ slunk in when the fun fair was accessing the park) it hasn’t been the same for residents in and adjacent to Copse Close. We have been in close contact with officers and councillors and hope such an incursion within our area can be avoided in the future.