Another feature I keep writing about is that I feel we should have an up to date and efficient website for our association to keep in regular contact with residents of Whitecliff and Baiter. The previous website was clumsy and non-user friendly, but at least it was in some sort of ‘operation.’ Now we have a new and exciting website and I would like to personally thank Treasurer and Committee member Gerry Byrne for his energy and commitment to work in partnership with a resident, Charlotte Craig to establish an interactive link for our two areas. The next step is what to put on the site. Obviously, newsletters will be a ‘given’. How about relevant planning applications –or at least signposting to access details? A letters/comments section? Latest news (that affects our area) from the council? Please do let us know what you would like to be included –after all it’s for your usage and information. Although still under construction you can visit at We aim for this to be an informative platform to ensure we can address, inform and update issues for our area. Thank you again Gerry and Charlotte.


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