Poole Local Plan Review

You may be aware that Poole Council is proposing to build a further 5000+ homes and wishes sites to not only be identified but also to be commented upon. Whilst none of current identified areas directly impact upon Whitecliff (although may do so indirectly), three locations will directly affect Baiter. One site is to build upon the current Seldown car park. Another is to build upon the Dolphin swimming pool site and car park. A third is to gain possession of Corfe House (Seldown Road) which is currently used as a student block for Bournemouth University students. There are other fairly local sites within the review, including removal of Poole Pottery –but it is the other three sites above that will affect us most directly. I attended a ‘roadshow’ of these proposals and whilst they appeared in a glossy format, I was perturbed at the lack of any ‘Plan B’. To my mind there is little value in suggesting sites if there is no follow-up to inform what will happen as a consequence. For example, in respect of the Seldown car park what will be the logical next stage if the review accepts it as a building site? Where will coaches be relocated e.g. National Express? I don’t want to express support for this site unless I know how the knock-on impact will be implemented- to include where, when and how. You can offer views on-line at www.poole.gov/uklocalplanreview . I urge you to view this site and respond as quickly as possible. The closing date is Monday 08 August 2016 so please do it ASAP. Thank you.


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