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I am sure you are all aware of proposals to re-locate accident and emergency services, as well as other services to Royal Bournemouth Hospital. Personally, I am astonished at this suggestion and deeply disappointed at how senior managers of Poole Hospital seem to have accepted it as a fait compli. Such a move will have serious impact for all residents, not only within the area of our association, but right across the borough and beyond into west Dorset. I personally make an appeal for you to write to your ward councillors (contact details below) and also our MP Mr Robert Syms to express your views and ask what they will do in respect of this proposal. In addition, I understand there will be public consultation and exhort you all to make your feelings known –one way or the other. To date 50000+ people have signed a petition opposing such a move. Thank you.


Baiter Area

Mark Howell

Email m.howell@poole.gov.uk           Tel: 01202 672505

Andy Garner-Watts

Email a.garner-watts@poole.gov.uk             Tel: 01202 064958

Andy Hadley

Email a.hadley@poole.gov.uk                     Tel: 01202 389782


Ann Stribley

Email a.stribley@poole.gov.uk          Tel: 01202 732969

Emma Williams

Email e.williams@poole.gov.uk                    Tel: 07793061905

John Challinor

Email j.challinor@poole.gov.uk                    Tel: 01202 742968

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