Interest has recently been ignited with a project idea – statues of Labrador and Newfoundland dogs placed over looking Poole harbour. We are sure you are aware of the historic connections between Poole and Newfoundland with the 18th and 19th century fishing trade from Poole-the larger and impressive houses in the Old Town were built with monies from this trade; roads in Baiter acknowledge the connection. The Labrador and Newfoundland dogs also have historic connections with both Poole and Newfoundland. Talks are underway with Poole Borough Council where the idea has been positively received, this project would enhance the work already undertaken by Poole Tourism and will enhance our children’s education about the history of our town. We are very proud to have the backing of the Wessex Newfoundland Society a charity based in Poole and of Ben Fogle TV Presenter. For further information please join the Facebook page ” Historic Link Newfoundland & Labrador dogs from St Johns to Poole, Dorset ” or contact Bill Lane  (077 414 77797 ) or Babs Plumbridge (07961 159 854 email for further details.

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