Month: August 2016


Thanks to efforts and also your support, access to Harbourside Car Park 2 was restricted and I can vouch that- to date- it has been successful, personally observing on two occasions a procession of motor homes and caravans draw up outside the car park, stop, consider and then move on…to somewhere else-so thank you again for all of your support and it shows that ‘working together anything is possible’ (I took this phrase from the motto of my favourite football team –AFC Bournemouth –‘The Cherries’).

Poole Hospital

I am sure you are all aware of proposals to re-locate accident and emergency services, as well as other services to Royal Bournemouth Hospital. Personally, I am astonished at this suggestion and deeply disappointed at how senior managers of Poole Hospital seem to have accepted it as a fait compli. Such a move will have serious impact for all residents, not only within the area of our association, but right across the borough and beyond into west Dorset. I personally make an appeal for you to write to your ward councillors (contact details below) and also our MP Mr Robert Syms to express your views and ask what they will do in respect of this proposal. In addition, I understand there will be public consultation and exhort you all to make your feelings known –one way or the other. To date 50000+ people have signed a petition opposing such a move. Thank you.


Baiter Area

Mark Howell

Email           Tel: 01202 672505

Andy Garner-Watts

Email             Tel: 01202 064958

Andy Hadley

Email                     Tel: 01202 389782


Ann Stribley

Email          Tel: 01202 732969

Emma Williams

Email                    Tel: 07793061905

John Challinor

Email                    Tel: 01202 742968

Annual General Meeting

We have arranged our Annual General Meeting for 26 September 2016 at Parkstone Yacht Club. Meeting to commence at 7:15pm. I am always heartened by the excellent turnout by residents to support us at this occasion and I sincerely hope this tradition will continue, making us the envy of many residents’ associations. Mr J. Stewart (Commissioner for Poole Harbour) will be the speaker so please do make every effort to attend and put the date in your diary!


An application for the Creation of interactive leisure facility at land adjacent to Whitecliff Car Park has been received by the council. This application is reference is APP/16/01126/F and can be viewed either at the Civic Centre or on-line. As Trustees for Fields in Trust our association has an interest in this application so will view it closely. Closing date is 09 August

An application has also been received to demolish the Quarterjack Hotel -2 and 4 Sandbanks Road (opposite the Civic Centre) and replace it with 27 sheltered apartments for the elderly, including communal facilities, access, car parking and landscaping. I am extremely concerned at the short timescale to make comments. Notice of the application was made on 11 July 2016 and responses to be completed by 01 August 2016. I have made representations to the Planning Department at Poole Council and await their response

Whitecliff Pavilion

Poole Council is keen to develop Whitecliff Pavilion as part of a community hub. I have attended several meetings with the Recreation Development Officer to discuss proposals etc. Development of the pavilion is likely to go ahead, but it is important that residents’ ideas/ suggestions should form part of any final outcome. I mentioned this in a previous newsletter and was contacted by a number of residents who offered thoughts and suggestions. It’s not too late to forward your ideas. A meeting with interested parties has taken place and it would appear that a significant financial investment will form part of any successful bid. If you would like to offer your opinions etc please contact me, committee members or Mr Chris Dear (Recreation Development Officer – We want any development appropriate to meet the needs of residents and visitors, without spoiling the ethos of the area


Interest has recently been ignited with a project idea – statues of Labrador and Newfoundland dogs placed over looking Poole harbour. We are sure you are aware of the historic connections between Poole and Newfoundland with the 18th and 19th century fishing trade from Poole-the larger and impressive houses in the Old Town were built with monies from this trade; roads in Baiter acknowledge the connection. The Labrador and Newfoundland dogs also have historic connections with both Poole and Newfoundland. Talks are underway with Poole Borough Council where the idea has been positively received, this project would enhance the work already undertaken by Poole Tourism and will enhance our children’s education about the history of our town. We are very proud to have the backing of the Wessex Newfoundland Society a charity based in Poole and of Ben Fogle TV Presenter. For further information please join the Facebook page ” Historic Link Newfoundland & Labrador dogs from St Johns to Poole, Dorset ” or contact Bill Lane  (077 414 77797 ) or Babs Plumbridge (07961 159 854 email for further details.

Poole Park Car Restriction Trial

This is something that has been trialled throughout July viz: Closure of part of Poole Park to traffic Mon-Fri inclusive 4pm-6pm and extending opening during the morning from 10am to 9am. I understand the reason behind this is to stop traffic from using the park as a short cut and also to allow people to enjoy the tranquillity of the park and its facilities. The council wishes to receive views on this trial. There are forms you can complete at The Ark but you can also offer responses on-line- and also proposals for the Poole Park Life Heritage Lottery Fund Bid at However, responses have to be received by 06 August 2016

I have been contacted by residents from Baiter and also along Parkstone Road who have reacted negatively to the trial as they have been extremely concerned at the delay in travelling from Newfoundland Drive roundabout towards the Civic Centre. I have personally monitored the traffic flow on a regular basis and the roundabout at the top of Seldown Road has been gridlocked. One irate resident informed me it had taken 25 minutes to travel from Newfoundland Drive to Ashley Cross.


Poole Local Plan Review

You may be aware that Poole Council is proposing to build a further 5000+ homes and wishes sites to not only be identified but also to be commented upon. Whilst none of current identified areas directly impact upon Whitecliff (although may do so indirectly), three locations will directly affect Baiter. One site is to build upon the current Seldown car park. Another is to build upon the Dolphin swimming pool site and car park. A third is to gain possession of Corfe House (Seldown Road) which is currently used as a student block for Bournemouth University students. There are other fairly local sites within the review, including removal of Poole Pottery –but it is the other three sites above that will affect us most directly. I attended a ‘roadshow’ of these proposals and whilst they appeared in a glossy format, I was perturbed at the lack of any ‘Plan B’. To my mind there is little value in suggesting sites if there is no follow-up to inform what will happen as a consequence. For example, in respect of the Seldown car park what will be the logical next stage if the review accepts it as a building site? Where will coaches be relocated e.g. National Express? I don’t want to express support for this site unless I know how the knock-on impact will be implemented- to include where, when and how. You can offer views on-line at . I urge you to view this site and respond as quickly as possible. The closing date is Monday 08 August 2016 so please do it ASAP. Thank you.



Another feature I keep writing about is that I feel we should have an up to date and efficient website for our association to keep in regular contact with residents of Whitecliff and Baiter. The previous website was clumsy and non-user friendly, but at least it was in some sort of ‘operation.’ Now we have a new and exciting website and I would like to personally thank Treasurer and Committee member Gerry Byrne for his energy and commitment to work in partnership with a resident, Charlotte Craig to establish an interactive link for our two areas. The next step is what to put on the site. Obviously, newsletters will be a ‘given’. How about relevant planning applications –or at least signposting to access details? A letters/comments section? Latest news (that affects our area) from the council? Please do let us know what you would like to be included –after all it’s for your usage and information. Although still under construction you can visit at We aim for this to be an informative platform to ensure we can address, inform and update issues for our area. Thank you again Gerry and Charlotte.