Whitecliff Pavilion

Recently I met with Chris Dear – Recreation Development Officer for Poole Borough. The council is looking at ways to develop the capacity of the pavilion at Whitecliff, alongside Whitecliff Sports Foundation. Mr Dear is keen to hear residents’ views and ways to maximise usage and potential of the pavilion. It certainly requires internal modernisation and also storage is a big issue. In addition, changing room facilities require improving. Do you have any ideas, suggestions etc how the pavilion can be improved in keeping with demands of the 21st Century? For example –do you think additional catering facilities will attract custom? What about indoor short bowls or the pavilion to be used as a cycle hub? Also, how to improved disabled access. A facility to host events, meetings etc?

This is an opportunity to enhance the pavilion which has served well for a large number of years, but could serve even better. If you have any ideas, could you please forward either to committee members or directly to Chris Dear? This project could be a beacon for other council leisure facilities across the borough Many thanks.

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