As you will be aware (certainly residents of Baiter Park) Parkstone Bay Association fought a long and often contentious debate with the council and unauthorised parking by ‘travellers’ especially at Harbourside 2 car park. I was personally able to present a petition to a full council meeting calling for narrowing the entrance and exit to Harbourside 2 car park to deter unauthorised (we cannot say ‘illegal’) campervans and caravans from pitching up and outstaying any welcome. The petition was duly accepted and this was followed by permitting me to make a four-minute presentation to the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee. We received almost unanimous backing and the next stage was for the full council to debate our proposal. Along with a large number of residents, we attended the council meeting and thanks to the support of Cllr A. Stribley (Mayor) who presided over the meeting, our item was moved to the top of a very full agenda. Over thirty councillors voted to support our motion and only one abstained.

In a nutshell, the council WILL now narrow the access points to Harbourside 2 and I have received written confirmation from a senior council officer that it will be undertaken. We have now got to maintain pressure to ensure this takes place –as well as reinstating the bollard at Whitecliff car park, which I understand was removed some years ago to accommodate some temporary portakabins.

I would personally like to thank Cllrs Stribley, Challinor (Parkstone ward), Howell and Hadley (Poole Town ward) who spoke so eloquently on behalf of residents. It’s much more positive to engage with our representatives than to be negative…although we are prepared to verbally cross swords should the justification arise

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