Charging for Car Parks

The council has a ‘black hole’ to fill to close the growing gap with its finances and you may have read in the local press that proposals are in hand to implement parking charges in the council’s parks’ car parks. For us, it will impact on Whitecliff car park and also Baiter Park skateboard car park. This proposal has caused dismay among many residents who have contacted the committee and also among committee members themselves. It’s an almost no-win situation. The council has to find monies to fill the funding gap but in addition, residents feel that park car parks should be free for parking. I am personally aware that at the skateboard park, many residents park there in order to exercise their dogs along Baiter Park and Whitecliff.

The council also wishes to consult on extension of on street parking in roads near beaches –something that will affect us as residents

The council will open consultation on both issue and I exhort all of you to make your feelings known to our councillors and officers. I have written to Head of Transportation and he confirmed consultations will be opened during late February and run for six weeks so please keep an eye on the council’s website. I also believe that proposals to introduce charges for parking at Poole Park will not take place. However, Upton House –a firm favourite for residents across the borough is in the ‘pot’ for charges

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