It’s been some considerable time since we issued our last newsletter. You may have thought our association had packed up. Well, we haven’t…yet! However, despite our best efforts we are struggling with numbers on our committee. Several colleagues will leave following the AGM-all for valid reasons! We urgently need new blood so we can continue to strive for the best outcomes for residents within our area. It also is essential that as a consequence of the merger of three councils, we don’t effectively disappear from sight. This committee has worked well for decades and we require it to continue more than ever now…so please do get in touch with any committee member to have a chat-without any commitment! I believe we work best when engaging with different agencies, but we are prepared to stand up for what we believe is right should our area be compromised in any way…and our results speak for themselves e.g. solar pyramid (yes- remember that debacle?) , closure of public toilets, establishment of Fields in Trust, Harbourside developments -just to name a few so please consider joining us. There are few meetings, expectation to assist in delivering newsletters and availability should any serious ‘issue’ arise

Thank you – Mike Randall (Chair Parkstone Bay Association)